Our Philosophy   JCI Residential is at the forefront of innovation in the multifamily industry. Combining the history of delivering the highest quality construction with cutting edge design standards requires a personal and hands-on approach from passionate team members. Utilizing strict design standards that have been formulated from over 20 years of experience, JCI Residential continually improves its multifamily units in an effort to design and build the ultimate living experience for residents.   A JCI Residential developed community will stand out among the competition for its livability. We strive to deliver multifamily units that are finely attuned to the resident's needs and desires. Creating a place they do not want to leave, helping build a community of friends that participate actively in resident functions, and outdoor activities. The retention of the renter is a goal not only for management and financial reasons but we feel strongly that this aspect of our properties is what sets us apart from the competition and represents a major part of our success in the industry.